Welcome to Board Game Auctions!

Board Game Auctions is a web site dedicated to bringing you the board game auctions from eBay. From the sidebar on the left you can find our categories that contain loads of items for sale, both cheap and exquisite.

The items for sale have been divided in nested categories. If you choose for example chess, you'll find all sorts of chess items for sale. Click on chess sets, and you'll find just chess sets. Go deeper to Staunton chess sets, and you'll find Staunton chess sets. It's all very simple. The categories are based on keyword searches, so sometimes you might get unexpected results, but don't worry, most of the time you'll get what you expect and who knows, perhaps you might be positively surprised!

The items are all in eBay, so watch out when shopping. Buying from eBay sellers is generally pretty safe, but there are so many eBay sellers out there that there are bound to be bad apples included. Always check the seller's feedback to make sure you're dealing with someone you can trust. eBay Security and Resolution Center is worth checking out, if you want tips on doing safe business. Another good resource to check out is eBay Board Game Buying Guide, it's somewhat superficial but there's some good stuff in it.

If you have any suggestions on good categories or anything else, my e-mail address is msaari gmail com, just add an "@" and a "." at the right spots to prove you're not a bot.

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